Reiki Energy Healing

Open up as a clear and perfect channel to the spiritual wisdom of the universal life force. Surrender and feel what you need to heal.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Spiritual wisdom of the Universal Life Force Energy “. It is a natural healing art that was rediscovered in the mid 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan and is now practiced by many throughout the world. The client is fully dressed while the practitioner channels the reiki healing energy and gently places her hands on the body or hands are off the body allowing more energy to flow.

Reiki supports the body’s own innate intelligence and desire to heal.

Reiki Sessions are $ 90.00 for one hour.


Reiki Workshops

Reiki Degree 1, 2, 3 or Master Teacher.
with Taiya Reiki Master Teacher

First Degree:

You will learn to open up as a channel to the healing Universal Life Force. Trust and feel your connection with your healing powers. Learn basic hand positions to use on yourself and others. After your attunement you will practice Reiki on yourself for 21 days. This will be a time for you to really focus on healing your physical self, time to connect with your body and be grounded with who you are. This will bring you the experience you need to really believe you are one with God consciousness and your own healing energy when you take the time to work on yourself.

Cost $200.00

Second Degree:

Learn Reiki symbols to help you direct the healing Universal Life Force energy in a clear, simple way. Focus on physical, emotional and spiritual conditions with different symbols. Learn about doing distant energy healing. After the course you channel this healing energy again for 21 days on yourself. This will be a time for you to heal more of your emotional and mental issues as you will feel stronger as a healer in a mental way with new symbols to work with.

Cost : $200.00

Third Degree:

Become a Reiki Master with the use of the Master symbol as well as learning about combining crystal healing with Reiki. Practice the power of rituals, opening the 4 directions and creating sacred space.

Or become a Reiki Master Teacher if you want to learn how to attune others to this healing Reiki energy. With your Reiki Master’s Degree, you will see yourself going through experiences that strengthen your own spiritual awakening. That will then prepare you more for being a spiritual teacher for others.

Cost $333.00 for Master’s or $555.00 for Master Teacher Degree.


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