Taiya’s touch is so confident, deliberate, and intuitive. Her gift in giving the Indian Head Massage moved me in a beautiful way. I felt totally supported and comforted by her massage and loved that she trusted and followed her intuition to find and release my space of tension and stress. Excellent!

From Bliss Prema – Masseuse, Reiki Master and Teacher of the Indian Head Massage course in Victoria BC

If you would like an experience out of this world, Taiya is the one to take you there!!! Amazing massages- each one I have had with Taiya has been different, she knows what my body, mind and soul needs at the time and provides it. I have recommended her to anybody I know who lives near her- the experience is phenomenal.

From Norma Reid- Certified Executive Coach www.fromdreamtoreality.ca

You are a great masseuse a beautiful person, dancer, seed of Venus, priestess of goddess and my daughter, Serena Nikole, and are blessed to have experienced the powerful medicine of your healing touch. The amazing variety or techniques you use and the depths to which you penetrate with energy and love combined with your patient unhurried pace was calming and made me dream .

From Jehan Kamal – Bellydance teacher and performer New York

Highly recommend! Body mind and soul were taken on a journey of healing.
Returned grounded with freeing and lightening of the weight I’d been carrying. Much gratitude.

From Lori Miller- Mother, Artist and Fire Dancer

Taiya is an incredible masseuse! Having a massage with her is truly a holistic healing experience!

From Darshan Stevens- Photographer

“Taiya Curle’s healing body work sessions are splendid. They blend a number of different techniques and traditions to produce a soothing and nurturing effect on body, mind and spirit. Her approach will surely assist anyone with physical, emotional or life plan concerns. Durring my own comprehensive bodywork session with Taiya, I entered a profoundly peaceful state and returned with a pleasant sense of longing for another session very soon.”

From – Helan Duggan- Visions Hatha Yoga and teacher training

“Taiya blended all her different techniques to give me exactly what I needed.”

From – Lisa Leger Natural Health Consultant, Parksville Pharmasave

“In today’s busy-ness and stressful times, we all need a sanctuary. Through deep healing with massage and Reiki, Taiya provides that sanctuary. Well worth the time…”

From – Kathy BishopCoach, Counselor, Consultant of Kathy Bishop and Associates

I have a few different people in my life that I call for body, mind, and spirit balancing yet I call Taiya when ever I feel like my whole being, including my pets and home are in need of serious “re-booting”. The whole experience from her walking in the door with her calm relaxed energy to calling in guides and clearing energy and space before beginning makes me feel like I am being nurtured and cared for far better than I could ever do for myself. Over the years she has consistency supported me with non judgment and her words of wisdom, no matter how dramatic my life was at the time. Being around her feels so good that there was a point in which I participated repeatedly in her belly dance classes just to be able to be around someone so calm, comfortably wise and gently loving. A massage treatment with Taiya is quite an incredible relaxing and uplifting journey that seems to intuitively attend to your every need at the time. She consciously takes her time and Im still getting used to the non rushed way in which she allows you to drown into a new state of relaxation. After my recent massage I hopped up off the table ready for life. I was invigorated and truly happy. What a gift to me. IN conversation after my recent treatment she spoke of how she does space clearing. I jumped a the chance to have her travel gracefully through my home to invite in wonderment and rid the environment of any and all negative stuck energy!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine how good that feels!? I now have faith that any and all stuck energy that resided in my home is gone so we can all start new and fresh. If my house could cry in joy, it probably would. I can see how this can be beneficial for homes where people have worked through cancer, job loss, sickness, divorce, sadness and trauma of any sort. Throughout history it has been noted how a home and objects in it hold energy of the owner. Im blessed and excited to feel like Taiya helped shift mine as I want the best for every single person and animal that sets foot on my property….What more could one ask for…Thank you Taiya for coming into my life and humbly supporting me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically! My husband, dogs and home thank you too!!! I recommend Taiya to anyone who needs to feel better no matter what the cause. Im ready to share her with the world as everyone could use a little Taiya in their lives….

From – Michele Jarvis-Wonnacott : Dog Trainer at www.ConnectiveTraining.com