About Me

I have always been interested in energy healing, massage, movement therapy and the power of rituals when using clear intention and surrendering to the universal life force. I am very thankful for many bodywork practitioners that helped to bring healing into my life. I have learned that healing touch is not just a treat now and again but it is a very important therapy that we need, to feel our bodies and emotional self inside and out. It helps us to feel where we are blocked, releases physical tension and emotional pains that need to go to make room for the new and feelings of renewal.

Between 1988 and 1998 I suffered from benign brain tumor induced epilepsy. It was very challenging as a teenager and made me feel suicidal. After a labyrinthine journey through many alternative healing methods I learned to face my challenges and learn from them rather that run away from them. I had faith and trusted the answer to my challenge would come. Then after studying more about the mind body connection with Reiki, chakra toning and movement therapy I learnt to stop a seizure by changing my thought patterns and when I was not to stressed out my health was under control.  But stress would always make things worse so eventually we went back to western medicine to do more research. In 1998 through the skillful hands of a surgeon a benign tumor was removed and I was healed 100%, now I can now truthfully say, “It was all worth it, in fact, it has been a gift. Why?”

My personal healing journey has left me more whole and in touch with the powers of an integrated body, mind and soul. It is a great joy and satisfaction to share with others the fruits of my experience in working with the Universal Life Force, which in essence is Divine Love.

I am now a clear open channel. I offer my skills to help create a sacred space for you to feel comfortable. Once you are open and ready to surrender, feel and heal. I offer healing touch and energy healing with clear intentions. I fully trust the universal life force as I have now been practicing for many years and have seen miracles in front of my own eyes. When you are ready to heal you will allow that miracle to happen for you too! Start with nurturing yourself and taking time to relax the body and mind.

I have been practicing Reiki since 1995 and received my Reiki Master Teacher Degree in 1999. I have been a professional bodyworker since 2000 practicing Jin Shin Do Acupressure, relaxation massage, Swedish massage, deep pressure massage, energy healing, sound and movement therapy. I completed my chair massage certification in 2007 and got my Indian head massage certification in October 2013.

I also teach Reiki energy healing workshops and creative movement or chakra awakening dance workshops.
I offer myself as a helper to assist you in your healing journey.

Blessings from Taiya Windblossom Curle